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Граффити хэмээх урлагийн төрлүүд

Граффити бол мэдээж ямарваа нэг гадаргуу болон ханан дээр өнгө, будаг, бэхээр сараарчих маягаар бичихээс зурах хүртэлх бүхий л зүйлсийг агуулдаг томоохон хэмжээний УРЛАГ гэдгийг надаар хэлүүлэлтгүй мэдэж байгаа биз. Харин Граффити сонирхогч та бүхэндээ энэхүү урлагийн төрлүүдийг танилцуулж байна.
1. 3D Graffiti

Гурван хэмжээстийн талаар нэг их тайлбарлаад байх хэрэггүй болов уу. 3D стил нь граффит-д бодит байдал, төөрөгдөл, сүүдэр гэх мэт зүйлсийн тухай.... бас ИЛБЭ ШИД-н тухай байдаг. Үүнийг зурах техник арга барил нь хүнд хэцүү байдаг ч мэдээж гайхалтай харагдаж чаддаг.

2. WILDSTYLE Graffiti

The wild style graffiti is a form of graffiti involving, interlocking letters, arrows, and connecting points. These pieces are often harder to read by non-graffiti artists as the letters merge into one another in an often undecipherable manner. It may include arrows, spikes, and other decorative elements depending on the technique used. The letters have been so transformed as to be rendered arcane to the eyes of non-graffiti artists. Wild Style is, according to many, the Queen discipline of the New York graffiti, the purest graffiti letters style that deserve most consideration. Wildstyle is a particular style of writing that was developed and popularized by graffiti artists like Tracy 168, Stay High 149 and Zephyr in New York City. It’s a complicated and extremely stylized form of writing that, to the untrained eye, is not easy to read. Wildstyle writing features arrows, spikes, curves and other elements that non-graffiti artists may have a hard time understanding. Wildstyle pieces are often 3D and considered to be one of the most complicated forms of graffiti.

3. BUBBLE Graffiti

A style of graffiti letters often used for throwup letters because of their rounded shape, which allows for quick formation. Phase2 originally created this style. It's about bubble, and circular letters.

4. OLD SCHOOL Graffiti

Oldschool graffiti from the 70's to the 80's. Respect to the Old School.

5. BRUSH Graffiti

Brush and paint roller painting.

6. ABSTRACT Graffiti

Abstract graffiti. The readability of the piece is not the main goal. It's abstract urban art.

7.  BLOCK Graffiti

This graffiti style is all about square and rectangular letters, like a solid rock. This style makes the letters heavy and strong.


Obviously a graffiti covering a whole train car. From the right to the left, from top to bottom.


Childish graffiti but not ugly graffiti.


Any type of landscape. It can be the background of a graffiti piece, of a fresco or a character.


Violent vandal tags, throw up, pieces. This style is for the drips, the acid, the dirt, the hardcore violent graffiti.


Tags, throw ups, lines realised with the biggest cap, the Fat cap. The Fat cap create the largest lines with spray cans.


Realistic character, background or landscape.


Stencil paintings. Using stencils is a quick and effective way to put up somewhat-complicated pieces very quickly. By holding the stencil against the wall and spraying, you can get a much more detailed picture than you would be able to with just a spray can. Even if you use two or three layers to make a more colorful and intricate picture, stencil graffiti can be thrown up in a matter of minutes. This is the type of graffiti that was made popular by the likes of Blek le Rat and Banksy and has now taken hold with graffiti writers everywhere.


Wheatpastes, posters and any kind of art on paper put on a urban support.


Create it and stick it. Stickers are a quick and easy (some say lazy) way to throw up a tag quickly. Graffiti writers used to use the “Hi, My Name Is” name tag stickers, but these days it’s also common to see them on the free address labels you can get from the Post Office. It’s just as likely to see elaborate, professional-looking printed stickers with a message or image plastered all over. Graffiti artists like stickers because  they can take their time on the art in private, then quickly slap them up wherever.


Sharp letter style. The letters must have sharp points, and look like you'll cut yourself if you touch it.

18. TAG

Tagging is the simplest type of graffiti, consisting of the writer’s street name in one color. Tags are basically the graffiti writer’s signature; if they’re associated with a crew, they might also contain the crew’s name or initials. Tags can be seen everywhere and are done in spray paint, markers or pens. If a tag is put up over another writer’s tag or piece, it’s extremely disrespectful.


A throw-up is a little more complicated than a tag, usually having two or three colors, but not nearly as elaborate as a piece. A throw-up is something that can be done quickly and repeatedly, while still identifying the writer. They’re usually done in bubble letters, often in one color with a differently-colored outline. When a graffiti writer goes out bombing, they’re usually either putting up tags or throw-ups all over their area.


A piece (short for masterpiece) is a graffiti painting, much more complex than a tag and having at least three colors. Pieces are hard to do illegally because of the time and effort involved, so a good piece will gain a lot of respect for that particular graffiti artist. As graffiti has gotten more respect as a legitimate art form, a lot of pieces have been commissioned – or at least the artists given permission to put them up.


A blockbuster is used to cover maximum area in a minimal amount of time. Often consisting of large block letters, the blockbuster can be accomplished with paint rollers and two or three colors of paint. Usually a blockbuster is put up to cover up other work or block other writers from putting anything up on the same area.


A heaven is a piece that’s put up in a very hard-to-reach location, often near or on the tops of tall buildings or on freeway signs. Because they’re so dangerous and difficult to reach, graffiti artists who manage to get a piece up in such a spot will usually gain some added respect from their peers.

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